Owens Tribe

We are the drifters
and dancers
sun worshippers
and risk takers
the dreamers
the lovers
the believers
and change makers.

I have been taking photos for the Owens Family for a few years now, when I first met Raquel she was pregnant with her second precious little boy Atlas.  Even now that I live in Texas I still manage to get up to Michigan so I can photograph all of my amazing families there, it really goes to show you how fast kids grow up! 


Raquel has a very bohemian spirit and I just adore that, I mean look at their outfits, its perfection! I knew our session was going to be full of laughter, love, and emotional storytelling. 

Saying you love your children is not enough.
The proof of your love resides in your actions,
and in your sacrifice, lies the reward.