Brenleigh Mae {A Birth Story}

"You are going to feel like at some point you cannot do it...THAT is when your baby is coming."

I was so honored when Hannah Shipp and Connor Shipp asked me to be apart of their daughter's birth story. Brenleigh Mae came into this world on February 3rd, 2018 at 5:22 AM weighing 9lbs. Her Mom was nothing short of amazing. 

The week leading up to Brenleigh's birth her mother (Hannah) was having small contractions here and there, which was just her body preparing for what was to come. Friday evening I had received a text around 8:30 PM from Hannah saying that her contractions have been more intense than the last and she was sure this was going to be the day. Of course I couldn't sleep, so I stayed up anxiously awaiting a phone call from Hannah so I could come to their home to start documenting. Around 3:00 AM Saturday Connor texted me to let me know that Hannah's contractions started to pick up quickly and that they were going straight to Fort Worth Birthing & Wellness Center. Of course I jumped right up and was out the door...I got to the center around 3:30 AM. When I got to the center, I was greeted by Hannah's older sister who showed me up to Hannah's room. Y'all this birthing center was was like being in a studio apartment, and the staff was wonderful! 

Hannah's labor was definitely progressing at a rapid rate and soon she would meet her beautiful little girl!

* This is a video of an actual birth, although done in a modest way, viewer discretion is advised *