Feigel Family | In-Home Lifestyle

"Family...A little bit of crazy, a little bit of loud, & a whole lot of love"

First I want to say this family really knows how to have a good time! When Sarah asked me to come to their home and do an in-home lifestyle session I was all about it.  I love getting those organic/raw moments at family shoots.  Their daughters (Sadie and Scarlett) were so very shy the first time I met them, the girls wouldn't look at my camera and down right didn't want to be around me, I was determined to win them over because hey, every kid loves Stephanie! I quietly walked around the playroom while the kids read books with Mommy and then watched as they played a fun game with Daddy...by the middle of that game they were laughing, running around, and didn't even notice me or the camera in the room! We had fun putting puzzles together, they showed me their favorite books, picked their favorite songs to sing, and they even had fun putting play makeup on one another.  As you can tell in the photos it shows how much love is in their home, and it was such a joy capturing it for them.